Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Christmas 2014! A new adventure!

Our family has grown so much that having Christmas Eve in someones home is so crowded that we decided to try going to the church for our festivities. It was a big success. We did miss the barn but we were able to add many activities to our day. We had a balloon room , a craft area, a game area, a talent show, a magic show by Uncle Dwain..of course we had dinner and carols. We did our chimes and our 12 days of Christmas. And Uncle Jared did some fun dancing with everyone!!! I believe this will be the tradition for our family if all want to come to Turlock!

 Hannah was a riot with the balloons. She was really good at bouncing them on her head.
                    Bryn was a little afraid of the balloons at first but got the hang of it!
                                               Ally and Kirsten getting acquainted.
                                 Maren is always a crack up and loves the camera.
                                     Uncle Ron and Sarah enjoying the day!
                                           Kelly, Emily , Aunt Karen and Kirsten.
                                                          The Hokey Pokey!!!!
                     The chicken dance. Charlotte's parents were able to join us from Utah!

                              Clarke was able to get so throws in the gym with the boys!
                                                       Maren loves crafts!
                         Spencer Hyer and his family enjoying the game room.
                                 Sweet, beautiful Kirsten. Almost 4 months old.
                                                 Enjoying some talents!
                                                   How did you do that???
                                      He does amazing magic. We are excited for next year!

                                            WOW! That was an awesome trick!
                                             Maren is an angel for the nativity.
                                                          Benson as Joseph!
                                                      Gracie as Mary.
                                      Taylor enjoys her cousins Mason, and Jacob.
                         Some of the sweetest angels...truly.Danielle, Maren and Lucy.
                                       The cast of the nativity. Great job again!
                                       The chimes are a hit each year!
                          Watching carefully for their number for the songs!

                      Drew...Spencer's dad and Eric enjoying the 12 days of Christmas.
 This year I did an M&M bingo game. Aunt Stephanie with Hannah. I think this is such a sweet picture.
         Sarah, Ally, Deborah with the 3 amigos.Kirsten, Jasper, a guest...forgot his name. Below are the kids with their Christmas Eve pajamas....a tradition we started a long time ago.

                                       Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Bryn has her first birthday party!!!

 November the 9th Bryn turned one and we had a barbecue with all the family in Brentwood.
                                         Ramiro was the chef and it was delicious!
              We had a fun tent that the girls liked to hang out in. Bryn loves her cousins.
                                   Sarah with her dad...Jared. Happy Day!
                        Ashley joined the girls huddle. Not sure where the boys went.
 There was a sand pit and volleyball courts which the children enjoyed some sand play. This is Maren and Benson...buddies!
                                   All of us at the fun festivities! These kids are hilarious!
                                       Bryn with her sand play. She loved the sand.
                                       Benson scoops up sand in a frisbee. He is so sweet!
                                                      Lucy...what can I say!
                                            Elise loves chips! Can you tell!
                                         Bryn and I enjoying a moment together!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Summer trip to D.C. and Virginia! August 2014

I always love to go and visit my family in Virginia. I cherish all the memories I have  a great family!  A week after Ally returned from her mission I took her,Ashley and Bryn with me to Virginia to see family. Spencer and family moved to Rockville, Md.... outside of DC so we were able to see many of our dear family.

 This is a photo of all the family that showed up to our picnic in Newport News Park. Thanks Aunt Jude for  organizing this great event.

 Aunt Charlotte took us to a museum with her grandsons...Brody and Kellen. Bryn loved it!
                             My brother Paul loves babies and really bonded with Bryn!
 Virginia has beautiful oceans and Lakes. Sydney loves splashing in the water off the dock.
 So glad Spencer and Suzy made the 6 hour trip to come to this event. It should only take 3 hours but the traffic around DC was crazy the day we drove and it doubled our traveling time.
                     Shawn loves his daddy . Spencer is a great dad!
                           Suzy and Kate talking with Aunt Dina.
                            My sister Mary with Ally.
 It has been at least 25 years since I have seen my cousin Sean. He is living in Quantico, VA after retiring from the coast guard. He is as handsome as ever!
 We were able to be with Shawn for his birthday. We went to a carnival park and rode the train.

                                    What a fun birthday...all had a good time.
                                          Princess Kate....she's precious.

                                          Ashley and Bryn.

 So we went to DC with 2 babies, a six year old, a three year old, 4 adults and three strollers. I would say we are strong.... brave women to maneuver the subways and crowds. It was a long walk to the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial but so worth it. Thanks Suzy. You were a great guide
                                  Kate, Sydney and me and the WW2 memorial.

 I really thought this was a beautiful memorial with many touching quotes to the men and women who served and protected our freedoms. There were many countries represented.

 Try getting into elevators, subways with our crew. We barely fit. We had a good laugh at times .
                                Sydney loves the subway rides! She's a trooper.!
                 Ashley and Ally went to the Holocaust Museum and we fed the kids lunch.
                                               Ally and Bryn!
                                           Shawn, Sydney and Kate.
 So glad I could share this trip with Ally and Ashley. So glad Ally served a mission and that she is off to BYUI. She has a great family! We love her!